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Critique of Evidence for Evolution

The basic hallmarks of evidence for evolution is outlined into six points: 1) speciation, 2) phylogeny and the fossil record, 3) phylogeny and taxonomy, 4) phylogeny and homology, 5) natural selection, and 6) mutation.

Evolutionists claim that evolution is a fact because it is confirmed in many different fields of science. An examination of the evidence below shows that it is the belief in evolution that is used to confirm the evidence rather than the evidence confirming the belief. The conclusions drawn from the evidences cited are based on the assumption that evolution is a fact. The better explanation is ignored. Evolutionary explanations are not the only explanations and, in many cases, are contradicted by evidence.

1. Speciation

Fact: Mutation changes the genotype of organisms, which, in turn, may change the phenotype. Such changes Continue Reading

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