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Rational explanation for the origin of life

What does life have that nonlife does not? On a cellular level, the difference is in the organization of its components. A living cell can acquire nutrients from its environment, catabolize those nutrients for energy and for more basic components and then synthesize those components into components it needs to continue the process of metabolism. An interruption of the metabolic pathways leads to death of the cell. However, putting living cells in suspended animation (by means such as quick freezing) maintains the organization of the chemical pathways and the components so that living cells in this condition can be thawed and renew their life processes.

The question of the origin of life is: how did these required life components and their organization come to be in the first place? Other than wishful mathematical models and speculative hypotheses, there are no real world examples or evidence that an organized system of components could spontaneously evolve. At best, scientists are able to reprogram and manipulate what is already in the cell, but how to start life eludes them. If intelligent men with sophisticated equipment and with carefully designed and controlled experiments cannot produce life in the laboratory, the claim that life spontaneously evolved from lifeless molecules defies physical laws and is absurd. The only rational explanation of the evidence and understanding of life is that life originated by creative design. There must be an intelligent Creator.

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Methane on Mars

MarsSensational headlines about evidence for life on Mars pop up every time there is the slightest hint of gas or water or tiny pits in a Mar’s rock. But why all the hype?

Methane gas is not unique to life metabolism. Methane gas is abundant on Titan. In fact, methane is a major gas on Jupiter and Neptune and other planets. Other organic molecules such as ethane, acetylene, carbon dioxide, and propane can be found as well.

Methane can be produced geologically by cryovolcanoes, oxidation of iron, and serpentinisation. Olivine is a mineral on Mars that can react with water to form methane.

It is more likely that methane is the product of what is known to be available for its production than from what is not. Methane is evidence that the geochemical process of serpentinisation is occurring. Sure enough, all of the components are present to make it happen. This is not evidence for life except in the biased thoughts of those who want life to be found on Mars.

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